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Online psychologist Pavlo Syrotiuk

Психолог Онлайн Павло Сиротюк

Hello! My name is Pavlo Syrotiuk. I am pleased to welcome you to my professional website. If you are here, it is likely that you or your loved ones need the help of a psychologist.

And because communication with a psychologist relies on trust, you carefully select candidates, meticulously studying each one. Therefore, below, I will provide the most comprehensive information about myself and my professional experience.

I work as an online psychologist consultant, which allows me to conduct consultations with clients from anywhere in the world. I pay great attention to creating an atmosphere of trust and openness in our relationship. I conduct consultations in Russian and Ukrainian. I was born, received my education, and currently reside in Ukraine.

My professional training includes two higher education degrees in related fields:

  1. Pedagogical Education – Specialist Diploma obtained from Horlivka State Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages. This stage allowed me to deeply study the fundamentals of personality psychology, developmental psychology, and educational psychology.
  2. Psychological Education – Master’s Diploma awarded by Oles Honchar Dnipro National University. During my studies, I acquired fundamental knowledge in general, social, and clinical psychology, as well as practical skills in counseling and psychotherapy.

However, my education didn’t stop there. I constantly strive for professional development and expanding my skills, so I have completed a series of specialized courses from leading universities worldwide, obtaining the following certificates:

  • Certificate of Completion for a 30-hour course “Introduction to Early Intervention” from the Early Intervention Institute (Ukraine). This course allowed me to deepen my knowledge in working with young children and their families.
  • Certificate of Completion for a 14-hour course “Introduction to Psychology” from Yale University (USA). This course provided fundamental knowledge on the key areas of modern psychological science.
  • Certificate of Completion for a 22-hour course “Introduction to Psychology” from the University of Toronto (Canada). This provided additional theoretical foundation in personality psychology, social psychology, and neuroscience.
  • Certificate of Completion for a 16-hour course “Positive Psychology” from the University of Pennsylvania (USA). This course introduced me to the principles and methods of positive psychology aimed at unlocking the potential of individuals.
  • Certificate of Completion for a 19-hour course “Positive Psychiatry and Mental Health” from the University of Sydney (Australia). Studying the relationship between mental health, well-being, and the application of a positive approach.
  • Certificate of Completion for a 14-hour course “Introduction to Abnormal Psychology” from Wesleyan University (USA). This course provided key knowledge on the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders, including understanding the etiology and symptoms of various abnormal psychological conditions.

During consultations, I utilize a client-centered (person-centered) approach. This means that you, as the client, become an active participant in the counseling process rather than just a passive recipient of psychological assistance.

Furthermore, I am an advocate of Gestalt therapy, one of the leading approaches in humanistic psychology. The key principle of Gestalt therapy is focusing attention on the client’s personal experience, on what is happening with them “here and now.” This includes their current thoughts, bodily sensations, emotions, and interactions with the online psychologist in the present moment. Such an approach allows for deep self-understanding, self-acceptance, mindfulness, and more harmonious relationships with others.

I help individuals become more successful, improve personal and sexual relationships, achieve self-actualization, enhance self-esteem and self-confidence, overcome food addiction, depression, fears, and phobias, loneliness, apathy, feelings of guilt, suppression, panic, anxiety, and stress, as well as impulsiveness and irritability.

The range of issues I work with is quite broad. Typically, people come to me for help in the following situations:

  • Interpersonal and romantic relationship difficulties: communication problems, issues in the sexual sphere, relationship breakdowns, and finding a partner.
  • Low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence, difficulties in self-realization, and achieving set goals.
  • Various forms of addiction: food addiction, harmful habits.
  • Emotional disorders: depression, apathy, feelings of guilt, anxiety, fears and phobias, panic attacks, post-traumatic stress.
  • Sleep problems, chronic fatigue, loss of energy.
  • Professional and existential crises: loss of meaning in life, career disappointment.
  • Parent-child relationships: parenting problems, supporting children.

My approach is flexible and always tailored to the needs of each individual client. During counseling, I utilize a wide range of techniques from cognitive-behavioral therapy, art therapy, as well as methods of self-regulation and self-help.

I prioritize non-intrusive and safe techniques that do not harm mental health. About 90% of the techniques I use can be easily learned and applied independently by clients following my recommendations.

In my work, I strictly adhere to the ethical code of a psychologist and guarantee complete confidentiality in our interactions. All information obtained during consultations is absolutely anonymous and is not disclosed to third parties under any circumstances. Only in exceptional cases, when there is a direct threat to the life and health of the client or others, I may disregard the confidentiality rule, but only to the minimal extent necessary. However, such situations rarely arise, and the principle of complete anonymity is always strictly observed.

My experience shows that a sincere desire for self-awareness and openness are key to successful collaboration. Therefore, I make every effort to create a supportive atmosphere for candid dialogue. From our very first meeting, I fully immerse myself in the essence of your problem situation, striving to understand its underlying causes and your personal experiences.

I will attentively listen to you, without judgment or imposition of my own opinion. Together, we can determine the root of the problem and outline optimal solutions based on your real needs and values.

At the initial stages of our collaboration, I may offer you special exercises for better self-understanding and awareness of your deep feelings, desires, and aspirations. This will help to form a clearer picture of your life situation.

Next, we will develop a strategy for further actions, which will include specific steps to change entrenched patterns of thinking, emotional reactions, and behavior that hinder your well-being. I will support you in implementing new, more adaptive models into your life.

It is very important for you to perceive psychological counseling not as isolated events, but as a continuous process of self-discovery and personal transformation. Therefore, I always encourage my clients to practice the techniques they learn independently in their everyday lives, taking responsibility for their own changes.

I want to assure you that with your sincere motivation and willingness to make efforts to improve your emotional state and life situation, you will undoubtedly achieve noticeable and sustainable positive changes. I have numerous examples of clients who have been able to overcome longstanding issues, resolve internal conflicts, and embark on a new phase of life thanks to our collaborative work.

Here are a few testimonials from my clients that illustrate the effectiveness of my approach:

  • “I received much more than I expected. Pavlo helped me to look at my situation in a new way and understand the underlying causes of my problems. His support and advice changed my perception of the world.”
  • “Thanks to the techniques Pavlo taught me, I was able to find inner peace and cope with the anxiety that was poisoning my life. Now I am much happier!”
  • “At first, I was skeptical about online counseling, but Pavlo quickly dispelled my doubts. During the sessions, an atmosphere of trust and understanding was created. And the results of our work exceeded all my expectations.”

Here are the main points characterizing my professional approach and experience as an online psychologist. I hope this helps you form a comprehensive understanding of me.

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